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Corporate videos don't have to be boring! See how graphic design can add value and generate interest amongst your employees.
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Management Conference Video | ATW



Internal Communications, Video
About This Project

We designed and produced an animated video for the ATW management conference. We were supplied with key pieces of information which needed to be included but were given autonomy over design and appearance.

As the statistical information could be quite ‘dry’ we decided to make the video vibrant and interactive. We drew inspiration from the opening titles of Hitchcock classics to create different slides and visuals that really came to life. Even on static pages we incorporated movement (such as ticking clock faces on the illustrations of stations) to really keep the watcher interested.

The video used Arriva’s internal brand palette and complimented the coinciding exhibition materials.

If you want to add a bit of video va-va-voom to your communications, get in touch!