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Season tickets are a fantastic way to save cash on your daily travel and commute. See how we used illustration and design to create an appealing ad campaign.
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Season Ticket Campaign | ATW


Public Transport

Advertising, Digital Design, Print Design
About This Project

Season ticket’s offer great value to customers and businesses alike.

Our client, Arriva Trains Wales were seeking eye-catching and innovative ways to promote their commuter-focussed season tickets. They required a series of posters, publicity materials and digital content for their Season Ticket campaign.

Rather than use stock photography, we decided to design a series of bespoke illustrations. Playing with the sporting connotations of a “season ticket”, we devised a series of illustrations and copy. We depicted a series of “season ticket fans” each wearing a different item of headdress associated with sporting matches. We designed four separate characters of varying genders and ethnicities each wearing either a bobble, daffodil, dragon hat or scarf.

The series of illustrations were designed utilising ATW’s brand colour palette, logo and typography. The illustrated characters were eye-catching and distinctive with the bold use of colour ensuring they stood out. We utilised bubbles to display % cost savings so the information was easily communicable to the audience.

Using illustration allowed for the creation of a uniformed campaign that had an element of playfulness whilst still conveying the key messages in a clear, friendly and personable manner. The campaign can also be altered to reflect the varying sports calendar- for example: rugby world cup, six nations, footballing events etc.

All documents were bilingual. Our lead designer utilised his experience and knowledge of working in Welsh to write strap lines that ‘read’ fluently in both English and Welsh.